A Note from the Universe

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog, just haven’t had time to get back to it. My latest setback (excuse) is that this past week I’ve been down with a very bad cold. I have been keeping up with taking pictures and of course LOTS of knitting. This Sunday I was trying to take a picture of the capelet I made for my niece. I picked up my camera, turned it on and was surprised to find that it wouldn’t work. A flashing symbol “CF”. Argghhh… the memory card is full. I decided I better get those images on to my comuter, so I can finally update my blog. Happily…that much is now done.

Monday morning rolled around. Still feeling stuffy and somewhat miserable, and also feeling bad about possibly missing yoga. I agonize over whether or not to go to work. If I stay home I can work on my blog, finish my cowl, etc… I should go so I can teach my yoga class. While pacing and thinking I decide to check email.

Well, whattya know my daily “message from the Universe” has arrived and it reads…

“There are lots of reasons you chose to come to earth, Laura, and I am super happy to tell you that not one of them was to master being poor, lonely, or sick. Incidentally, neither did you have any intention of living your life without a blog.”

After pondering that for a short time… I decided to go so I could teach my yoga class and I also decided to work harder at keeping up my blog. At the end of yoga one of my regular and very faithful students hands me a package and says something like “here’s something for your knitting.” Thinking it’s yarn I stuffed it in my bag. Later in the evening I opened my bag, saw the package and said Oh yeah? When I opened it I realized I was holding a beautiful hand sewn knitting bag (THANKS Lisa)! Boy was I ever happy the universe sent me to yoga. And in case you didn’t know you can get your daily email from the universe at theuniverse@tut.com.

KnittingLaura Briedis