Building socks so Dad will come

This yarn has been staring at me from the vast pile of collected sock yarns for a couple months. When my father decided to have lung surgery to remove a tumor. I thought I better knit him some socks. My first thought was they would be a wonderful gift because he loves handmade socks and he had picked out the yarn himself on a routine trip to the eye doctors when we stopped at a local yarn shop (he’s well aware that I’m I’m the chauffeur, I stop at all yarn shops we see along the way).  He picked out this yarn saying “this one’s beautiful”.  He was right (Pagewood Farms, Glacier Bay, superwash merino).

As it turns out the surgery has not been successful and my father has been in ICU for nearly three weeks now. A far cry from the initial plan of being home in 4 or 5 days. As I knit these socks I keep coming back to the idea that if I knit them he will come home. My progress has been hampered by almost daily trips to the hospital (a 5+ hour drive/round trip) and my incessant pacing. I’m home alone on Father’s Day reflecting on what a wonderful Dad he is and building these socks so he will come home to claim them.