Looking back

I had forgotten about the scarf I made for my friend Carol for Christmas. I found these photos and realized I should blog it! So here goes… It’s sweetgeorgia yarns “cashsilk fern” scarf. It’s a free online download and its a lovely scarf. Although I have not bought anything from sweetgeorgia, I drool every time their email newsletter arrives.

I know someone does buy from them and she assures me its a gorgeous in person as in photos.I knitted Carol’s from Jojoland Melody superwash 100% wool. The yarn was fine to use for lacework. I can’t remember the colorway number, but it looked just like the colors my friend Carol wears and not surprising… she loved it. I have 3 skeins in purples colorway for myself. I don’t know what I’ll knit with it since I almost never knit the same thing twice?