New Knits

Aren’t they just beautiful. I have to confess my friend MaryAnn knit them. We need to have a real photo session where I take pictures of them on her feet. They’re too small for my long feet. They are so pretty I just couldn’t wait. Just so you don’t think I have huge feet and no legs you should know I cropped these pictures.

Knit with “Elderberry” and “Spring” both hand dyed by Olann Gra Hand Dyed Yarns

I finished my “Skinner Hat” By Melissa LaBarre (you can find it here) It was an easy knit. The pattern was easy to remember and keep track of. As you can see my attempt to photograph myself wearing it was unsuccessful. It’s raining out so I will post more professional images on another day. It is knit with my “Elderberry” colorway a deep plum monochrome. Its seems too variegated for this pattern but the color rocks! It’s been so extremely humid I didn’t try to block it. I haven’t felt like I should dye yarn for almost 2 weeks because it will never dry. I’m really looking forward to the promised improvement tomorrow.