Oma's Shawl


handknitted shawl using aqua ginger colored yarn handppainted by Olann GraThe pattern is “Sugared Violets” by Rose Beck. It’s one pattern in her Be Mine e-book collection. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn and wasn’t able to repeat the lace edging one more time as suggested. My mother-in-law hasn’t seen the pattern so its fine, and it was a gift therefore she had no expectations. Otherwise it came out beautifully.

Handknit shawl using aqua ginger colorway by Olann GraI’m crazy about the crescent shape. My yarn elf MaryAnn came over and helped me block it. First thing she did was run a natural cotton yarn through the edging to give us an anchor for the pins (very clever of her!), it worked wonderfully.

handknit shawl using aqua ginger colored yarn by OlannGraHandknit shawl using Olann Gra aqua ginger hand painted yarnhandknit shawl using aqua ginger colored yarn, handpainted by Olann GraI started with this colorway I hand painted last fall. I’m always amazed at how differently yarn looks once its knitted up. I love how from one form to the next it changes.

Aqua and ginger colored sock yarn, handpainted by Olann GraEvery forms shows the different hues within the colors. It also makes me think, how can I dye yarn to look a certain way at a certain time? Hummm…

Aqua and ginger colored sock yarn, handpainted by Olann GraMany skeins of Aqua and ginger colored sock yarns, handpainted by Olann GraEvery skein is different even when they’re painted at the same time. It’s the “magic” of dying the yarn that makes this happen. I think my challenge this year will be learn to control this a little, just a little, its also exciting to have am element of serendipity.

Creating this post is inspiring me… headed to gaze lovingly at my dye pots.