Ready, Set, Knit

I have embraced this fall weather, I’m so happy it’s finally here. Walking with Janey in the morning in the crisp New England air, no rain, no bugs, no humidity, just the wonderful smell of all the neighbors wood stoves chugging along, it’s so nice. Makes me want to knit (everything makes me want to knit), I started going through my sweater patterns. I bought yarn for two new sweaters, I bought yarn for a few Christmas gifts. Fall just arrived and all ready I’m in over my head, so exciting…

Then I thought back to last years sweaters and got them out and stared

wearing them in the mornings. I decided to honor my first sweater (from just a few years ago) by taking a picture of it and posting it on my blog. I gathered my equipment, my assistant and outside we went. As you can see from the pictures the sweater is very nice, its a beautiful worsted weight, Jo

Sharp Tweed, light green (I can’t remember the name of the color but they still produce it) it was beautiful day, and my assistant was absolutely exhausted when we were done.

KnittingLaura Briedis