Thanksgiving Treasures

My husband brought home this sweet little guy for me the other day. It got me thinking about other treasures he has found for me.. I’m kind of addicted to miniatures but they must be old or extremely unique, antique makes me heart sing. I have so many small flea market finds. Since I have a few days holiday for Thanksgiving I’ve started nesting for the winter months. with my ritual of placing little treasures on the window sills, mostly they are things like my collection of antique chickens.

I also collect salt & pepper shakers… only antiques need apply for this collection. I drag those all out and line my kitchen windowsills. Good thing I don’t mind dusitng.  Happily I found a few new to me last winter treasures. I thought I had posted them in the winter, but I couldn’t find the post? I decided to start again with the pictures.

Antique metal skater miniature female
Antigue metal skater +  Salt & Pepper shakers
Antique salt & pepper shakers

My little ice skater is metal and quite fitting since I love to ice skate and still go most Sundays from October – April. And look at those adorable Salt & Pepper shakers, also a pair of beautiful curtain ties. Nothing in these images is more than 2” in height. Ooohh… nesting is fun. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Take time to be grateful for all that you treasure.