2 years on the needle

Finally after WELL over 2 years I finished my light blue Knitting Pure & SimpleNeckdown V Neck Shaped Cardigan. It’s knitted with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino which makes it incredibly soft and extremely warm. It also makes every increase, decrease, new yarn addition, and mistake show up brilliantly “bet you can’t miss me, I’m, right here, ”

I’ll wear it, I’ll probably end up absolutely loving it, the color is beautiful…

If anyone plans to make this sweater I would advise them not to do the increases in the sleeves. I ended up re-knitting one sleeve because I couldn’t stand the width and weight of the sleeve. Some the problem is with the weight of the yarn, it fairly heavy, dense, but even so I don’t think anyone really needs sleeves 15-18 inches around? Last but not least, I did not use the increases asked for in the the pattern (make ones), as my increase method because they tend to create holes in your garment. I just knitted into the front and back of the stitch to create my increases.

I am planning to block it sometime soon to try to iron out a some of the construction debris like the increases up the sides of the body. I’ll report back on whether or not it helps.

KnittingLaura Briedis