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Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries…

No knitting for me, only picking. Last year we sold over 300 pounds. This year seems less prosperous but still picking is a big job and it’s taking all my free time. I need to quit my job and knit all the time (ahh… a dream come true). I’ve been working on a lace scarf from Fiber Trends. I’t approximately 40 inches  in length so far, in Lanet light green superwash merino. One of my favorite sock yarns, it’s super soft, comes in great colors, and it’s washable wool.

I would really like to be finishing up my right side vest. I’m knitting the CEY Four Season’s “Man’s” Vest with 2 friends (one of who owns my LYS,The Knitting Knook) and they are each farther along then I. I must admit I’m grateful for the rain that moved through today. Josie, Janey and I took a knitting break and hung out in the living room. Since Queen Josephine rarely spends time with Janey Dog it was really great for their relationship. Tomorrow… it’s back to picking bluberries.

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