Rainy days


It’s a typical rainy day here in NH. I love the rain. I wasn’t a fan of the Hurricane 2 weeks ago, but generally speaking I just love a light rain… it makes all the greens and yellows of the season even more vibrant. Somehow it just seems romantic. I look out at my backyard and think of Ireland or Scotland, greens grassy hillsides. Not to mention, you stay inside most of the day which gives you more time to knit.

I had my friend MaryAnn (yarn elf extrordainre) Take some pictures for me. Actually, I’m pretty sure I ended up in the pictures because she didn’t like that idea of being my model? I did post about the hat recently. It’s the Skinner Hat by Melissa LaBarre. The mornings this week have been cold enough to wear it.

I did get my yarn elf to model the socks she knitted so I could take a picture head on.

Like many other days this summer the air is to wet to dye yarn, or rather to dry yarn.

Instead, I’m doing other Olann Gra tasks like making dye baths and finally opening my  Esty shop.

KnittingLaura Briedis