Muddling through September


The month of September has been a constant (almost daily) emotional challenge for me. As the new season creeps in and the mornings get colder, the shadows lengthen I’m reminded that life moves on no matter what… with or with out those we love. When you lose someone and then another season begins to take over it’s like that person is tugging gently on your sleeve somehow affirming of what you know to be true, they are gone from your everyday life and time is moving forward. So it is with a heavy heart that I embrace fall 2011, mourning the loss of my father on June 28th and the loss of my nephew Seth on September 3, 2005, and the loss of thousands on September 11, 2001. There is no solace knowing that many grieve with me today during this glorious season. I am grateful to be here and grateful to experience what is still my favorite time of the year. To those I have lost, your are not forgotten and will always be in my thoughts, and in my heart. To others who have lost on this day (and it is thousands) my heart goes out to you.

To all of us fortunate people able to enjoy this glorious day ( and a reminder to self) life is short…do something you love. Learn to listen and believe in your intuition… practice following it, if something doesn’t resonate with you let it go.

KnittingLaura Briedis