Happy Wednesday

I don’t usually consider Wednesday to be a banner day in my week, but when I got home from work today this is what was waiting for me!
It just doesn’t get any better than this. Unless of course they we’re delivered by Jared or Cookie A. Jane the dog needed a walk so I haven’t gotten to hug and kiss them yet. I will!

Jane and I decided to pick some berries after work because they are ripe and starting to fall off the bushes. With school and the recent passing of my father I just have no time to pick. Look at what I picked in under 10 minutes.

That bowl is bigger than it looks. It is not a cereal bowl, its a salad for 2 bowl (?), you know what I mean…

It was getting late in the day, the sun was low so the photos aren’t a crisp as they should be. Don’t they look yummy. Hey, maybe that bowl is a cereal bowl (milk and a little sugar please). Wednesday turned out great this week.