Sunday Blues

My office has been neglected for the past couple months. I was too busy and worried to care, but I know its time to get caught up on my school work and on my graphic design projects. Whenever I start a new project I give my work space a serious cleaning.  I’m also missing my father and cleaning keeps me busy. I came upon the socks I started for my Dad in late April (a get well present for when he came home from surgery). I shelved them for a while. It’s still summertime so they can sit and I can forget about them for a month or so. I’m letting a few of my favorite woman keep an eye on them…
I made a small bouquet for our neighbor, its her birthday today, she babysits our dog during the day—letting her out once and walking her if she’ll go.

I just love sweetpeas, they’re precious.

Jane and I are off to deliver birthday flowers. Happy Sunday.