The hazy days of summer


I was reading my friend Rebekkah’s blog ,, she inspired me to post a blog. Although I have little knitting to discuss, I will be finishing my scarf today and hopefully will get the chance to block and photograph it. It’s quite lovely and will make a nice gift for someone (who will remain nameless or should I say blogless). Anyway, I agree with Rebekkah, I’m ready for fall. This summer has been too wet, to humid, and too long for me. September will be wonderful as always,  still somewhat warm and sunny, but fall will be welcome at my house. In the meantime (August that is) I was thinking of some of the positives of summer. Even though this summers’ weather hasn’t been great nature goes on… we have two sets of baby robins within easy site of our windows. One directly above our dinning room windows. Mrs Robin built her nest on the little ledge that runs right above the windows and it’s truly breath taking to watch them. One is all ready flying back and forth one another one is climbing out of the nest and teetering along the edge.

I can’t keep my self away from the window and every time I look, they look back with a question in the their eyes…are you a really big worm?